Lazy Days On Lady Musgrave

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Hhhhhhhmmmm being kissed by sunshine, the kind of warmth that penetrates your body making you feel alive. Living a simple rustic lifestyle out of a tent right on a white sand beach fringed with thriving coral reefs by day and staying in a 5 billion star hotel by night. There is a peace and freedom found on this slice of paradise in the very southern corner of the great barrier reef, the beauty of this tiny island and its wildlife in all seasons is outstanding. I love this place, I always have.

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This time around to Lady Musgrave her charm continues to recharge my soul and bring the perspective of just why we are blessed to be living. From the moment we set out from Agnes Waters on the Spirit of 1770 I felt the worries of the world melt away, and right now sitting in a hammock on the beach I feel ALIVE and content to just laze about or maybe go for a dip in the crystal clear waters. Life is hard sometimes!!!

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I dragged my good friend Jess from the UK here on this trip, and am pretty impressed with how much I was able to simplify my gear and still not lack creature comforts in any any shape or form. A small tent, foam mattress, sleeping bag, esky, snorkels, fins and a hammock were all the camping gear needed and food wise a pot, 2 bowls, a plate, 2 spoons and a knife made up all the cooking gear. Tip for extra items needed for next time is shoes for night time, heavy long pants (as protection from midges and mosquitoes) , a spare mask and a wet-suit. Our meals consisted of delicious salads, caviar , cereal for breakfast and the continuous grazing of fruits and a wholesome trail mix, all put together without the aid of cooking, but gourmet all the same. Check out some of my Great Camping Recipes and tips for eating out in the great outdoors, i always eat well in a 5 billion star restaurant.


Snorkeling here is magic. Turtles are everywhere, sharks, mantas, fish, octopus, dolphins even whales Can be seen along the atolls outer wall, and with the predominant south easterly winds the section straight in front of the campground is the spot to play, plus it has the bonus of being the closest part of the wall to the island, making it the most easily accessible. Otherwise frolic in the lagoon where the corals color pop somehow, or for the more adventurous head out at night with a torch, you will be amazed at what lurks in the dark once the sun goes down.

The Island itself is a tiny spec of the Great barrier reef somewhere in the Capricornia Cays National Park, and in just a short 15 minute stroll you can crack a lap of the island giving you a gauge at just how small lady Musgrave is. This is a must by day and at night, you never know what wildlife you may encounter. Each season offers its different charms on this island, with November – February turtles laying their eggs on the beach, January – May baby turtles hatch and begin their journey of life, July – October the humpback whales make their appearance and serenade you while snorkeling, and Late September – April the migratory seabirds occupy the island.

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This time around in early October we shared the island with 1000’s of birds returning to nest over spring and their continuous chatter throughout the night, and countless whales showing off their calves or their unique whale song. It was beautiful!!! I often find that my personality is always fast paced and Go Go Go, so for me this was one of those rare chances to just chill and recharge, Oh Lady Musgrave i hold you close to my heart, and i love the gift of missing that you give to me when i trudge back to the boat that takes me home. C U NEXT TIME FAIR LADY!!!

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Days On Lady Musgrave

  1. Iulia Tudor says:

    This place reminds me of South Thailand. I absolutely love your blog, it’s so inspirational encouraging people to travel the world. I also love how you find the joys in the simple things. I’m fast paced too, but by slowing down, we can actually be more productive when we’re back in full gear.

    1. The Roamer says:

      Thank You Iulia, i love the spin you gave on this, as i have never really looked at my life and thought that im slowing down when im enjoying the simple things, but you are right, it is about being present and living each second that we are given, and it is what counts!! thank you again, keep being an inspiration…
      Love and Light xo

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