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A Day In My Life #2 – Diving @ Cook Island

Its Sunday Just Before Christmas 2015 and I’m treating myself a xmas pressie, a morning exploring underwater, scuba diving Cook Island, It’s a first for me and I’m actually surprised by that, for Cook Island is so close to home on the Gold Coast. Yep that’s right not The Cook Islands, those beautiful sun kissed gems in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Cook Island a small green island full of birds on the Tweed Coast in Northern New South Wales, just off Fingal headland.

I’m at home in the ocean, being a nature boy, a total fan of THE GREAT OUTDOORS, and a keen surfer, anything to do with water and I’m in. So Scuba Diving for me is a no brainer… I just love it, such a soothing tranquil experience. This dive I was hanging with Mr Luke Otto a legend bloke I met at Rainbow Serpent in January this year, and Diane another really cool solid American chick that has waltzed into my life this year.

We arrived at Kirra Dive centre to get gear sorted, Ruby a cool Fijian fella got us ready and ready we were, we were pumped. The 3 of us had been psyched for this dive all week, It cost only $160 for 2 dives including all gear, which in my opinion is a pretty good deal. Once we got on the boat we were set on our way to jump in the pacific Ocean. OMG Cook island is amazeballs, there is some serious marine life out there, everything from 2-3 meter leopard sharks, Grey Nurse Sharks, wobbegongs, turtles, spotted rays, Spanish dancers and even a shovel nose shark… it was insane just thriving marine life. The Highlight for me was this cool shovel nosed shark that had half buried itself in the sand, he had some gnarly looking eyes, scary looking, I’ve never seen one this big before. I will definitely be doing another dive out there and soon.

The afternoon I spent lazing around the house catching up and crossing things off the never ending To-Do list, gee that thing never ends hey, until Janet gave me a call to meet up at Burleigh Hill for a for a few Sunday arvo bevies… I had planned to head to a party for Diane but decided to pull the pin on that, but all in all I’m so glad I went down and hung with the gang at Burleigh, #SundaySesh on the point is always a favourite. Janet has a good solid crew hanging around her, her man Clint is a rock star, Boo, always quiet but awesome as, and then always great randoms, so much fun and positive energy here.

I pulled the pin early, as the plan was to get up super early and climb Mt Waning, the core of an ancient volcano, right on the eastern most point of Australia. This makes it the very first place in Australia where you can see the suns light pop over the horizon at sunrise, its super cool on a cloudless sky to see that. Well so much for pulling the pin early, after final preparations i went to bed at 11:30pm and had the alarm set for 2:00am, yep climbing a mountain after just under 3 hours sleep!!! The hike to the summit is only 4.4kms which really isn’t that bad and quiet easy to do, but when you are racing twilight, its a different ballgame. There is no time to stop and admire the view (You cant anyway its dark!!!) only a few sips of water, a few deep breaths and you have to get back into it. My advice on times to do this are as follows, you want to be there about 30-40mins before the actual sunrise times to see the best light of the day (Twilight Hours), so the hike up will take you about 1.5 – 2.5hrs depending on your fitness level, we charged up that mountain in an hour 20.

The views of the creator and sunrise from the top are breathtaking, it is so worth the effort to do this mission. On this day there were a heap of people that must of left a hell of alot earlier than us, and sunrise was awesome, i love doing this trek. Its nice walking down to appreciate the nature and the bird songs, it really is a special place on earth, with a beautiful energy to it. I love this part of our EARTH, and its part of the reason i call this area home.

Monday night lead me to retake on Reggae night in Byron again at the Buddha bar, was a super fun evening, me Diane and Luke traveled down and met up with Lisa again and Charlie, Ed and Suki the crew was set, plus i got the chance to catch up with another really cool American girl i picked up hitchhiking a year before Lindsay, who had just come back from the states to spend some time in Byron Bay. This really is a super fun Monday night out in Byron Bay, great tunes, plenty of people and best of all it finishes at 12am so u can pull the pin and have an early night if you want. This night was no exception and the perfect ending to another 86400 seconds of my life.


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