Blazing Swan 2016 – Festival Of Friends

A good 300km east of Perth near a spec of a town named Kulin, fringed around the side of a salt flat holds a Burning Man style festival over the Easter break, full of so much flavour, generosity and a deep seeded respect for the land and nature, that it leaves you with a renewed vigour for life and an abundant array of new friends, #friendsyouhaventmetyet for everyone is your best friend at this festival, Blazing Swan is absolutely amazing, an event that needs to be marked in your Calender.


The country side in this part of the world is breath taking, huge granite outcrops dot the very flat and barren landscape, not hard to climb they offer magnificent vantage points to take in the lay of the festival and gather your bearings as to exactly where all the #themecamps and madness is taking place. The granite outcrop of Jilakin Rock is roughly the centre point of Blazing Swan it offers a great vantage point to take in the 2 delicate swans built out of wood who’s necks touch to form a perfect heart shape, being the symbol of this festival, their purpose is that of an art installation to be set on fire on the last night, a fitting ending to this BURN style festival.


So the madness, well, this is tough to get into words, Blazing Swan is kind of like a giant house party outdoors. You know when you’re at a house party with your closest friends and there is always some sort of silly fun happening somewhere, and you look and are like #WTF??, but have to join in anyway, hahaha, imaging having 3000 of your closest friends all doing and creating those #moments with no limitations to their creative flare, it’s insane. #themecamps are scattered all over the camp grounds, they all have their own unique flavour, and the effort that has taken place to put them together is staggering, years of hard work and dedication. #Papazans a groovy and very cosy camp that pumps out tunes at night and day, but puts on quirky events such as the best undie parades and acra yoga classes, I loved the crew from this tent they real are a tight bunch of just beautiful individuals, and funnily enough were the very first people I met in Perth at the airport, can’t wait to party with you lot at Burning Man…yyyeeewwww. #GodSaidNo a huge pyramid tent with a thumping sound system busting out continuous beats under flouro black lights. #Koasis the third main contender as the place to “GO OUT” and get your groove on as their music and the atmosphere is amazeballs. #BlackLagoon who serve coffee sometimes with a dash of schnapps of Vodka during the day, #campunicorn, #ArtSlutsSociety (or TBC), #FireTribe, #FortSwan, #TwistedJar, #NoLimits plus a hell of a lot more all bringing their individual or group collective flare to Blazing Swan. For a Looksy at all the camps Cling this Link here Blazing Swan Theme Camps.

So the camps set the stage but it’s the people and their #randomness that give this festival its flavor, this list is a compilation pf some of the random shite that I witnessed but also there are some gems from all the great crew I connected with or were in my Pp p p p PAAAAAARRRTTTEEE crew!!

At Blazing Swan the people who attend are not mere “attendees,” but rather active participants in every sense of the word; they create the city, the interaction, the art, the performance and ultimately the “experience.”

Heres a quick list, if you think of some highlights I’ve missed leave them in the comments below!!!!! Cheers


Good Old John- In His Top hat and his tails living on a bus he calls home, his generosity extended to providing espresso martinis and some cords from his guitar to any stranger that walked passed

-Being gifted some stone jewellery from a random stranger whilst enjoying a moment of deep convo with a beautiful soul watching sunset. The jewellery was made by a woman studying at UWA and was being gifted by her partner at Blazing Swan

– Ha That Krazy Kat that decided to go for a swim on the lake the first morning, got to the lakes edge and then striped down to skin and went walking, after an hour or so of walking on the lake realized the whole thing was ankle deep, hahahah I’m never doing that rookie mistake again, at least I provided a laugh for the crew…..

-hahah waking up to a streaker running along the dirt road between us and the salt lake with a hard on… hahaha he just looked at us and waved..

-In the maze they had a silent disco where they served drinks and horderves. Great laugh getting lost in the maze and people everywhere dancing in random places in the maze, apparently they change the solution of the maze each night and covert it to a lounge during the day.

– The detox bus where they had speed dating. A mates mate Darren drove it over from Melbourne.

– Pool Room where they served beer bloody marys!! Actually added beer to the bloddy Mary. Tasted waaaaay better than it sounds.

-The garden near the toilets/ detox where they served delicious pineapple fruit drinks (with alcohol of course)

-frisbee in front of Dave’s banana shack

– The unicorn parade, 100’s of crew followed the disco truck with a horn on their heads dancing, was super fun.

-Scotch on the rock at 4 o’clock. Where they served a scotch mix with bitters and sugars and lemon. Awesome!! They got dressed up for this super styling.

-Jam session in Jam camp on the rainy day. Near the end in the night half the tent fell down and everyone had to work together to save it!! Was epic!!

-Prom night

-The tall jungle gym structure that you could climb up in one of the Theme Camps

-Mud sculptures in the lake of two people either stuck or raving.

– The Iron horse Chariot that was an actual DJ set up, that was amazing in my opinion the best thing constructed for Blazing Swan 2016

-The Spider Mobile, just look on google for it, WTF

-bathtub filled with plastic balls.

-the truth tent with note books question on top that people write in their truths.

On the rainy cold day I was looking for somewhere warm and ended up at Camp Unicorn where there was 20-30 naked people all getting body painted, it suited me to a tee got my brush on and just painted bodies till they had the naked body paint parade.

-ride a tank that blows fire out of its cannon

-Banana shakes with rum from one of the camps.

– Camp #Alliance with its star wars party.

-Lip sync contests.

-The Best Undie contest

-A friend was in banana bomb and one morning a guy walked down past silent disco with his bodyboard. couple hours later he walked back past from the lake heading up to the camps and i yelled out “how was it!” Without missing a beat he yelled back “pumping!”

-Going for a solo adventure to climb one of the surrounding Granite rocks and ending up being used for the filming of a Film Clip for “Switch Stick”. Ha Love the randomness

-This is only a small snippet of some of the action, there was so much more, weddings, missions, parties, fun and the extraordinary..

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So to sum it up…. Just WOW can’t wait for Burning Man as this truly amazing event has inspired me in so many ways and in only its third year its going to be up there soon as one of the top festivals on the planet, so what are you all waiting for GO!!!!!!

BLAZE INSANE. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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