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Earth Frequency 2016 – From Family To Fun

WOW, looking back over the past couple of months #I’mTooBlessedToBeStressed as one small intimate beautiful festival has bought so much joy, love and happiness into my life from the soulful connections of many just downright beautiful/amazing people that crossed my path and shared in my journey at Earth frequency festival 2016.

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being a first timer I had only a vague idea of exactly what to expect, and with the buzz and feeling of still being “loved up” from Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria just 2-3 weeks prior I was pumped for another festival, yet this was different in its nature, Earth frequency is about connection, I walked away with a new family, a tribe of ever growing unique individuals all with their own story, all living with a community spirit sharing their lives and truly the soul for a movement of people that our planet/mother needs desperately, to preserve and protect her for future generations of mankind. A Family, I’m so grateful to have recognised this.

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Imagine if you had to choose only one word/adjective to describe the people you love in your life, then think of the word fun, who out of every person you know or have met is best described with this one word. I was super lucky at Earth Frequency this year for I had 4 of my most favourite “FUN” people running a muck and definitely up for a good time, Thanks Lisa, Charlie, Fernanda and Jess I Love You 4 you are just amazing individuals and always add a sparkle to my life!!! Thanks for the great memories created over the Earth Frequency weekend.

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Some #moments that really stand out for me were having a beer or 2 (maybe 3??) as the sun was rising while floating around the dam with Jess and Aaron, it was a perfect start to the day or a great end to my night, haha, I still laugh out loud at the mission to jump every fence possible and clamber through lantana instead of going the really easy way through the gate just 50 meters away!! —Fernanda wow what a really cool day we shared talking and meeting a truck load of cool people, but leading the festival towards the opening ceremony with Pat, that was special, perfect, in fact probably the stand out moment of this festival for me. —Lying in the back of my van in the mornings watching the beautiful crew of people that I was camping with waking, their interactions were inspiring, wether it was just making coffees or preparing breakfast, I saw no selfishness everyone was thinking of each other, there was so much love and light amongst this family of individuals, I feel such deep gratitude and appreciation to have not only met these people but also to have shared my Earth Frequency journey with them, you all have truly touched my soul and our interactions have inspired me to become a better person. THANK YOU, you know who you are… THANK YOU. —Busting Some power moves on the D Floor to the delicious sounds of Chali 2na and the Funk Hunters followed by Opiou who relentlessly delivers my kind of BASE, Lisa, Fernanda and Jess this groove with you guys was soooooo much fun, have I told you 3 that you are rad lately?? Sarah thank you for choosing us to party with, I still can’t believe that I met everyone you shared Earth Frequency with individually, then bought you all together for some random times at my house on the Goldy afterwards..haha Sandy your cheeky smile when you gave me that water bottle I will remember always, I loved #StompingLikeAButterfly with you, I’m soooo happy our paths have crossed since then xo. —Hahahhahaha #TheGoldenPoohAwards Being a part of this practical joke was legendary, this kind of stuff cracks me up. All the crew I was camping with (20-30 people) waited till an unsuspecting victim entered one of those port-a-loos, then quietly we all ran over and a red carpet was laid out front, then we all crowded around until the victim opened the door to us all clapping and cheering as they were being presented with a golden Pooh Trophy, it was such a creative practical joke, I applaud the effort of this!! Lastly the Monday at the Earth Pod stage was epic grooving with everyone to some fine reggae beats and just relishing in the last day of this extraordinary festival.

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All in all Earth Frequency was everything I expected plus more, the knowledge that I have found my #tribe and the connections made within this community has been epic, and the overflow of these connections into my actual life is the real blessing, as usually festival life is another world away from actually reality, but for me luckily it seems that my 2 worlds are colliding and this collision has been remarkable indeed. Thank you Earth frequency 2016.

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