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Rainbow Serpent 2016 “Festival Of Beauty”

Expressionism, does society allow us to do this freely in todays age?? Individualism, do we effectively embrace the importance of ourselves? Love, are we expressing this individually to the community and individuals in our lives?? These are the fundamentals to what I believe are the most important aspects to our world becoming a truer and more perfect place, one where smiles laughter and fun are of utmost importance, and people shine their light everyday in every second, RAINBOW SERPENT is such a place, a collection of “family” or “a tribe” where everything is shared and a community spirit is profound. Festivals like this reflect the last stronghold of this expressionism and individualism, and Rainbow Serpent for me is my favourite, a place that I like to call home, its beautiful to be amongst my family again every year.

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I just love this festival, it is soooooo difficult to actually describe this festival with words, love, colour, fun, laughter, beauty, flavour, excitement, smiles, happiness, spirituality, connection, begin to paint a picture, but it is an experience that has to be felt, words will never justify the true connection your soul will encounter being present at this amazing festival.

The Aboriginal Culture in Australia are all connected through spirit to our world and the land we call home. They have stories about the formation of our planet passed down from their ancestors that come from what’s called the “Dreamtime” or “Dreaming”, a time when a flat world was moulded into shape by the ancestral beings that broke through the crust of our earth and through their struggles, battles and journeys shaped the world that we see before us today. “The Rainbow Serpent” came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains, and gorges as it pushed upward. The Rainbow Serpent is understood to be of immense proportions and inhabits deep permanent waterholes and is in control of life’s most precious resource water. In some cultures, the Rainbow Serpent is considered to be the ultimate creator of everything in the universe. This “Dreamtime” story is the undercurrent to exactly what this festival is about, a deep connection to the land and Rainbow Serpent embraces the culture of the local Aboriginal tribes, for Rainbow is held on the shared Country of the Dja Dja Wurrung and Wadawurrung people’s boundary, and the two tribes play an important role throughout the festival by welcoming you onto their land and sharing the festival in their honour.

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Take the essence of “The Rainbow Serpent Story” then add 16000 beautiful, soulful peoples individual flair and their ability to “manifest their creativeness” into our material world, this may be the costumes they create or the campsites that are created, the gifts that they bring, or the awesome positive energy within them that they endlessly give to the festival, then add 100s of music artists relentlessly dropping their fantastic beats over 4 stages 24 hours a day for 4 days, the combination is what will bring you back year after year.

The People- If you asked me what the best thing about Rainbow serpent Festival is, I would say hands down the people!!! 2016 was just fantastic, I had a collection of some of the most amazing people all from different walks of life, very different and eclectic in attitudes but they all had one unique thing in common they were all absolute sihk lord rock stars and just beaming with love and friendliness. Together we created so many smiles and laughter for all, and we were told our collective energy was full of flavour and positivity. The Crew Lisa and Charlie, both the most insane full of life characters you could hope to meet, but as a couple their combined energy leaves you full of life and wonder.  Mr Luke Otto one Lord Cat from the states whom I met last year at Rainbow Serpent who often astounds me with his acute sense of how people roll and his ability to get people to “PARTY”. His Cousin Nathan, I met this year that yahoos so much I have no idea how he doesn’t loose his voice but he scored the name Rager Cat and its very fitting, hes super fun to have around. Good old Stefan our German connection whom I picked up in a national park in NSW 4 days before the festival, an absolute ledgend. Miss Diane, one of the sweetest women you could hope to meet who just keeps giving high doses of awesomeness evry time she pops into your life. Miss Julie Pepper, an absolute rock star and just so super keen to put a pep into your step. Joshy a fellow crazy cat from the GC with a random spark for madness, Dan the bearded cool kat from WA that is filled with insight and a love of everyone around him and a gentle soul and lastly Marko a great mate of mine for many years that keeps everyone in line and just busts out his madness when the time is right, this guy is a complete legend. I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

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As always there is the extended crew, the peeps that get sucked in to the collective energy and just want to rock out and add their flavour to the group. Teagan and Zoe, so glad to have seen you in Beaufort you guys are just a bundle of joy and smiles we loved sharing Rainbow with you, Lisa you adorable, awesome, beautiful festival goer, you might need to clear your spread sheet and include us in your party/festival schedule. Sophie, wow you are an absolute super star I have all the time in the world for you and cant wait till our paths cross again, Blazing Swan?? Our neighbours Sami, Amber and Jazzi you 3 bought so much light into our camp, bring more next year.

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The Costumes- OMG its just amazing, and overwhelming, I often found myself just gawking at peoples creativeness, and the effort they go to and its all for others to enjoy. Considering that most people have at least 3 costumes it makes it hard to keep track of people, I would meet people on Sunday or Monday and they would be like Christian, how are you? great, when did I meet you, Oh Friday!! What were you wearing? Oh your that amazing person dressed in balloons and bubble wrap that I was solving the worlds problems with, ha, I didn’t recognise you in your unicorn onesie today…. lol… That’s seriously what it’s like..

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The Highlights- wow there are just so many, from all the amazing people and conversations and relentless music and drop to the visuals and artworks of the festival, this is a hard one to write about. My music highlight was JFB breaking some tunes in the Playground when he dropped a dirty as D & B version of “Rage Against The Machine” KILLING IN THE NAME OF!! It was epic I was god smacked I didn’t even dance, everyone just went ballistic… so fitting that song as the community spirit of Rainbow really defies the morals that have been ingrained in our DNA and our way of living in society, the world really needs to make some radical changes. BOOG$ and his killer set on the Market stage on Sunday was just epic, the light from the sun was just perfect and the beats were insane, UONE on the sunset stage wow I just love this artist he is full of base, and the opening ceremony on the main stage when Pretty Lights and OPIOU busted out their base filled beats till midnight, I loved this session the most as my crew were all together it was just mad, we were on fire, it was a relentless session of epic proportions and the lighting was spectacular. I also spent a lot of time this year in and around the theme camps, its really an inspiration as to the set up and details the put into manifesting something for us the punters to enjoy, Stand out moments for me were the Bean Bag Babylon just all time such a fun venue, The good bouncy housish music The Pelican Camp kept busting out till wee hours of the morning and the Country Club green party, and of course Poco Loco on the first night, all such fun filled events… bring on next year.

The last thing that makes Rainbow Serpents awesomeness is the fact that people are super conscious about others and the environment of the festival, you often find yourself sharing a beer or a drink with a stranger who soon becomes your mate, glitter and random gifts are given out freely, but what’s best of all is the care for nature that a small percentage of people have at the festival, where they leave no rubbish anywhere and give everything they have to the festival, they are the true souls of this beautiful festival, and through their journey they help others realise their ways and guide others to live a better life with more compassion and friendliness from within.

Rainbow Serpent 2016 is truly awesome, a place where you feel joy, embrace life, let go and everyone is or becomes the truest version of themselves, I am in love with this festival and am so super excited about returning next year in 2017 for the 20th anniversary of this most spectacular events and being among my “family” or “tribe” once again… until next year Rainbow Serpent, I MISS U ALREADY!!!!

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