Rainbow Serpent 2016 The Essentials

Imagine a collection of eclectic people, from all walks of life, add out of this world costumes of colour, textures and personal flair to these people all expressing their unique character, couple this with a venue that oozes a community spirit, love and a deep spiritual collection to the land and thumps out continuous magical beats from 4 stages all set in country Victoria. That vision you can now imagine is RAINBOW SERPENT,  one of those moments that you have to experience to know it, no mere words explain the magic of this beautiful festival.

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Preparation for this festival is a must, if you can avoid making the same rookie mistakes I did when I went for the 1st time you will end up having a much better time, as Rainbow Serpent isn’t like your normal festival.

Rainbow Serpent: The Essentials

Alcohol- Rainbow Serpent is a BYO event but no glass, that’s so awesome as you can take whatever you want with you, the main problem is what!!! I’m a big fan of liqueurs or ports, for this kind of festival, the reason is simple, you don’t need to keep it cold and you don’t need to mix drinks, just pour and SIP. Beers, mixers, some wines etc. are better cold, this is fine for the 1st day or 2 but once the ice melts in your esky it starts to become a dilemma. Also beer cans etc. take up a lot of space.

Costumes- Well these aren’t mandatory but nearly every person is wearing something elaborate. There are many public events over the festival that attract a hell of a lot of people that dress for the occasion, and I’ve always found that dress up parties are sooo much fun, I mean who wants to take themselves seriously, NOT ME, I’m gonna let my hair down. Check the official page on the Rainbow Serpent Website for more details. I like The Luau Party on Sundays at the Market Stage, its the only place where your guaranteed to get LAYED, The pool Party which is in Town (Beaufort) on Saturday, and one that I have started this year a Medieval themed party on the Monday, I’m hoping to see unicorns, fairies, Knights, Gladiators, Kings… all running loose around the festival.

Warmth- OMG it gets cold at night…. I mean it gets cold at night. For the middle of summer did I mention it gets cold at night!!! Its deceiving as the days can be sweltering but just after the sun dips over the horizon….. bbbrrrrrrrr!!!! A warm sheet can be handy to wrap around yourself, it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

Food- Food is so important for such a long festival, its a marathon event not a sprint so don’t go all out or you will find yourself wasting hours feeling sorry for yourself curled up at your campsite. Since no fires are permitted you need to be a little creative if you want to prepare your own food, fruits and nuts for the mornings are great and just well…easy, and then a good raw salad is awesome to give your body back some nutrients to sustain the marathon that Rainbow Serpent is… 4 Days.. For an easy recipe that can be changed to suit your taste have a look at my blog post Great Camping Recipes – No Cooking. If you aren’t keen to make your own food don’t worry there are so many delicious food stalls serving up some tasty treats.

A Sense of Community- This goes a long way at Rainbow Serpent and similar festivals. Look out for people around you, no one is a stranger, they are all your rainbow family. Offer someone who has been dancing next to you for ages some of your water, share a good conversation with a stranger, hug instead of shake hands, just embrace the community spirit and treat each other with respect and kindness, this is what Rainbow Serpent is about.

Gifts- Personally this is one of my favourite items in my essentials list, GIFTING!!! The sense of community, the connection and the love that people have at Rainbow Serpent is extraordinary, and if you are lucky enough to receive a “Gift” from a random stranger, consider yourself blessed, as that individual has thought about what they can contribute to make someone’s Rainbow Serpent experience just that little bit more special. Some ideas to get you thinking, chop some fruit up and take it to one of the stages and let people nourish themselves on the dancefloor, make some cool necklaces or jewellery as gifts for strangers, if your an artist take some cool drawings/pictures, have a pocketful of crystals to hand out, it can be anything, REMEMBER its the thought that matters!!!

A Smile-  Its amazing just how far this goes, Just Smile.

If you think I have forgotten anything please comment below with your suggestions it could help someone make their Rainbow experience just that little bit more enjoyable…. xoxoxox

I hope this helps with your preparation for this wonderful festival, I can’t wait to see you all there, I think that Rainbow Serpent 2016 is going to be the best year yet, only 10 days to go….. woop woop!!! Here is a video i put together from Rainbow Serpent 2015, i filmed the festival with a camera on the ground , and invited peeps to come and say hello, be sure to keep an eye out this year as ill be doing it again… Happy Rainbow

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Serpent 2016 The Essentials

  1. Sarah Watson says:

    Love reading this Christian! Perhaps check about the Luau as I heard that they aren’t doing it this year 🙁 Also remember to bring baby wipes! And there is no or limited reception so don’t rely on being able to message people to meet up!

    1. The Roamer says:

      OMG no Luau!!!!! NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Thats such a shame, good call on the baby wipes though….

  2. Marko Swak says:

    Yeeeeeew! I cant wait Christian. This will be my first time riding the serpent bro! Great tips on the food and alcohol! I heard there’s a bus that goes into town. Do you know how frequent this is and how easy it is to pick up ice and vege supplies in town?
    Cheers mate. I’m so partying at your medieval theme party. Raving Robin Hood !!!

  3. Cindy says:

    “Sense of community” … my favourite thing at Rainbow is getting to know my campsite neighbours, and all the new little tents-that-pop-up-between-tents overnight, every night. Every morning there is someone new to meet. Were it not for friendly neighbours I would never have known that my friends had left a note on the windscreen of my car (it blew off but then we found it!). This will be my third Rainbow Serpent Festival and I can’t wait to see all my chosen family again including everyone’s favourite roamer Christian! The first time I went to Rainbow I didn’t understand one of the giant signs that greets people at the driveway/gate, but now I totally get it. The sign says “WELCOME HOME” : )

  4. Mo says:

    I have not been to many festivals and it has been a long time since I last went to a festival.
    From what I can remember the most important things would be Baby wipes, Dry snacks to eat to keep you going and ALCOHOL.
    I will be with you all in SPIRIT this year and definitely be there next year.
    Have fun

  5. Old Sole Stories says:

    Another great read from a roaming nomad!
    Great essentials list, especially costumes. Get out of the box and onto the wiggly way to wonder!

    James always likes to take ear plugs – you still hear everything without damaging the ear drums from vibrational overdose!

    Also a pair of sunglasses make mornings infinitely more pleasurable.

    Maybe a sun salutation will help the mornings as well!

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