Intimate Bush “Doof” Spring Equinox Festival 2015

Spring Equinox September 2015

“Bush Doofs” – I LOVE THEM!!!! A classic mix of the great outdoors, beautiful soulful people all letting their inner child come out to play and non stop thumping Psy-Trance. What’s not to love.

It’s been a while since I have been to a gig in the Northern Rivers, was super excited about this one as a really cool awesome person whom I met randomly a couple of years ago in Emerald beach, Coffs Harbor, Brittany had given me the invite to attend this 3rd Eye Production event on Facebook…. and I was prepped to go.

The Festival was set out in the forest at Busby’s Flat just South of Casino in The Northern Rivers, about a 2 hour drive from the GC. I had a great crew that were all super keen on the adventure – Marko, Jess, Kiarna, Corrine, Andrea and Samantha all sihk lords in their own right plus the mob that were already there the 600 or so friends that i hadn’t met yet. Love to you all. Darren and Scarlet thank you for blessing me with your presence i love your energy and light, its welcome in my life, i love when you both pop up in random places.

We arrived just before sunset and the anticipation was kicking in, that feeling of butterfly’s in the pit of my stomach, yyyyyyyeeeeeewwwwwww its going to be a cracker. Tammy a sweet, fun and very happy soul was the first person to greet us on the way in, straight away she said “You guys are fun” – yep i bring that everywhere i go. Following one crew member to the next our campsite picked us, and yes we can claim to be the farthermost away from the action out of anyone there. Getting supplies was a mission every time.

Once base was secured it was time to just let the festival take us where it did, floating through the forest for the next 2 days was awesome, so much love, so many smiles – its amazing to feel such an awakened state of consciousness, and see so much beauty in every person present, i love watching people when their inner child comes to life, this kind of atmosphere is difficult to experience in the midst of suburbia.

If you have never been to an OZZIE “Bush Doof” GO, its an experience like no other, one you will never regret and an opportunity to find something within yourselves, something that is always within you but often difficult for it to come out, YOUR INNER CHILD WILL THANK YOU FOR A GOOD BUSH DOOF.

love, Peace and Light


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