Island Vibe Festival 2015 – Peace, Love and Unity

WOW!!!!! Island Vibe 2015, what a festival, love the energy, every day is a delight full of laughter, love and FUN. Soulful people, great live music all set right on a beach on beautiful North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), this intimate reggae infused festival is full of surprises that will have you coming back year after year for more.

2015 marked the 10th year of Island Vibe, the festival thats all about

. It surely has this element to it, plus a huge connection to the land here for the organizers have coupled up with the Quandamooka people, the local indigenous tribe, who welcome you to share the festivities and also their traditional land with a welcoming ceremony that showcases their dream-time stories in song and dance. It is Beautiful.

I knew that Island Vibe 2015 was going to be epic as soon as i pulled up to get the ferry to Straddie from Cleaveland. I was early so got pole position on the rank to get on the ferry, good old Jay-sen Phang pulled up next to me i saw him and straight away was like “hhhhmmmm i know that face from somewhere” and it turns out we’d met about 5-6 weeks before at Spring Equinox Festival. He is an inspiration along with his partner Kim, for they don’t live by the mold and choose to bring their baby kids along to share their experiences. I had filmed them at Spring Equinox as an example to others that life will change but you can still be alive and do awesome things, with just a little forward thinking and preparation.

Camping at Adder Rock Campground is in my opinion one of the best spots for accommodation at Island Vibe, due to its proximity to the festival, and also all the cool after festival activities that happen along the beach in front of the campgrounds. I scored this year with my festival crew and camping buddies,  Lisa one of my favorite people in the whole world and her partner Charlie plus brother Michale. Jess and Fernanda 2 beautiful goddesses from Byron Bay that are true kindred spirits of mine, and of course MR Luke Otto my Yankee friend that i met at Rainbow Serpent earlier this year. Sihk combo with a really dynamic collective energy, wooooo hooooo this is going to be RAD!!!!

We attached ourselves to the Three Worlds tribe from the Goldie, sihk group of beautiful individuals that roll with the attitude “The More The Merrier”… so my kind of people, i love all you guys, you know who you are. Their contribution to Island vibes is the super cool Bongo Bus, that cruises around the Island on missions and you guessed it, Bongo beats the whole way. Strung out throughout our campsite between the trees were slack lines, Luke took one look at these when we first turned up and was like “I’m conquering them by the end of the weekend.” I jumped on board that mission too. They are difficult at first but with some persistence, do become easier, we nailed the easy ones…eventually.

The music at this festival is super cool, in fact every act dishes out some tasty beats i didn’t hear anything i didn’t like. My favorites at the festival where Oka, They always serve a fine tune that gets you moving and in doing so deliver a message about community and being one with the planet/land. i was blown away by K Lab on the second night, great drops of base served with a whip like sound and accuracy but Hugo & Treats the final act on the main stage was my all time favorite. Hugo and Treats don’t just get up and play they preform and realy get the crowd involved in their act, they had a vortex of love going where everyone in the tent grooved in a full circular motion, they made the crowd look in each others eyes to show respect to one another, do a count of 20 high fives to people we hadn’t met and started a group hug that included the whole audience all the while delivering their beautiful message of LOVE, PEACE and UNITY!! Killer performance.

THE PEOPLE….. WOW WOW WOW beauty in abundance!!!! Soulful, inspirational, friendly, playful, spiritual, free thinking, kind hearted and graceful would be some of the awesome words i would use to describe the crew that make North Stradbroke  their home while they play at Island Vibes. I could go on for ever and talk about all the rad as super cool people i meet while at Island Vibes but im going to talk about 3 only, 3 that are just plain as RAD AS FUCK individuals in their own way by rights, JUST SIHK LORDS!!! Firstly Laura and James a dynamic couple from Brisbane that i met randomly on the beach on my home from a fire on the back beach of Adder Rock, a simple hello turned into a 3 hour conversation about the higher conscious and the abundant life that we live being from Australia. ABUNDANCE IS EVERYWHERE!!!! Ha can i blow your minds….. yep i think i pulled that off, i just loved these guys and what i saw in them was just “LOVE”, they really have a great connection between each-other and its something that my soul yearns for…. nothing better than expressing “JUST LOVE” when you are around that special person, i can’t wait for you to be close to me. Thank you for being the LIGHT for me James and Laura…yyyeeewwwwww.

Secondly Alice a real sweetheart with a giving nature and so super friendly, she was the missing link in our crew and became a part of our gang effortlessly almost gracefully!! Luke met her in the DUB Dome and within a second she was bringing her energy and smiles to us all, it was contagious. On the beach after the festival was over we sat down to rest before our walk back to camp to continue the party, Alice has a true giving generous nature that i first noticed when a local young girl from Dunich came over and sat with us, she was struggling with some personal issues and Alice was able to not only have this young girl talking to us about those issues but also plant some very beautiful seeds of inspiration within that girls subconscious, it was perfectly executed, i was impressed. That coupled with her bag that brings out treasure after treasure which she shares gladly with everyone, i swear its like a magic bag i don’t know how everything fits in there.  This one is a true treasure if you ever get the pleasure to meet her, you will be delighted.

So you may be thinking, Island Vibe sounds pretty cool, well, i can’t wait till next year already, the vibe is a reflection of the people that go there and overall the collective energy is filled with so much love and laughter, don’t miss it, if you have the chance to go…..GO!!!!!!

The Roamer

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