One Life Only, One Chance, Activate Your Destiny!!

What if you were told at 20 years of age, that you only have roughly 21000 Days till you’re 80 years of age?
Would you do things differently?
Would you make choices to LIVE as much of the time you have left as possible?


Eighteen years ago I remember heading into “Surfers Paradise” for a night on the town, being me and things really haven’t changed much, I randomly met a “POME” named Dave whom I shared a couple of pre going out drinks with on the beach. This Chance encounter led me to an insight that would change the whole course of my life.


Sitting there under one of the many pandanus trees that used to fringe the beachfront of “Surfers”, I was awed by Daves independence, confidence, but more importantly by the sparkle in his eye, as if he knew something, a secret that most people will spend their whole lives searching for but never come close to finding, a secret about themselves, yet he knew.

Dave was a “traveller” always seeking out that exotic destination, perfect stranger and random experience. People will naturally attract other like minded people, so im glad at 20 I was able to draw in open free spirited people, it shows I had the basis to become a traveller, looking back I suppose our encounter had elements of what Dave was ever seeking, but for me the treasure was him parting a few simple words, they were the greatest gift i have received in my life to date.

Dave turned to me, i remember he had a very serious look about him, and asked “Christian mate, how old are you?”
I was like “Just turned 20 bro!”
His response was very crisp as though the universe gave me glasses of clarity, and even though i don’t remember too much about this unique individual these words i will never forget, they were burnt into my soul forever.

“Did you know that in 21000 Days you will be 80 years old”

Wow looking back upon that nearly 7000 days ago, time flies, thinking about it, it really doesn’t seem that long. Make sure you live each day as though it is your last “Life is to Short”. I’m so glad for these words and their impact on my life, I remember dwelling on them for the next couple of weeks and playing on the gravity of the words, they definitely impacted on my soul and made me choose life!!! “I want that sparkle in my eyes, I want to live nothing but an amazing life, I want to pursue happiness, and MOST IMPORTANTLY inspire others to do the same. WE ONLY GET ONE CHANCE”

My journey since then has been nothing short of extraordinary, i’m now on a flight bound for my 45th country, Scotland, i’ve lived and worked overseas in Indonesia and Japan, plus in other cities around Australia. I’ve experinced like “Dave” exoctic destinations, met perfect strangers and random experiences, well they happen daily. I’ve loved and been through a marriage to nothing short of an AMAZING woman. Now single again i’ve been through a rediscovery of myself and found so much strength in my character that i can draw on from life experience. You just have to look for the “GIFT” in everything that happens,  I love the treasures and gifts that only life can give you.

To that Guy “Dave” if you ever happen to read this, there are no words to describe my gratitude to you, i owe you my life, thank you for your words of wisdom, thank you for the realisation that i have the power over MY LIFE, and my choice that my life will be and has been amazing.

“You are the legacy of everyone who has gone before you and their contribution, and you need to ask yourself what your legacy will be”

So i ask you now, what will you do differently, will you love more, play more, take more holidays, or just become more present in your surroundings? What are the dreams you have always had but never chased, is there that special someone whom you have never told how you feel, what will you do today with the 86,400 seconds that only today gives you? Now is the only time you will ever have to choose life and be inspired to live the next 21000 Days Differently, and make those sweet dreams become the reality they were meant to be.

Photos by Christian Denham


The Roamer


  1. Mo 6 years AGO

    When I started reading this blog I was like not sure what to expect
    But after reading it – learnt so many lessons
    Be yourself and make your dreams come true
    Look at the gift in everything that happens
    Thank you

  2. It’s funny you know… People think X, they do Y. They never really stop to think, ok what would happen if this was gone from my life… if THAT person would be gone from my life… if I did THIS what would happen… if I did that what would happen… I read this, and I think it would have impacted me differently a year ago… because everything you say here is true, and so learning how to just BE is key. Learning most importantly how to treasure those seconds that make up a day especially… because all we have is now… And you know what… thinking tonight… I thought… what would happen if that person wasn’t in my life… And I realised… I don’t quite know what I would do… because I don’t think it would ever be the same… and I don’t think i’d find someone where everything made sense without having to think about it. When you find that, you have to treasure it and not let it go…Thank you for sharing such a special and beautifully written post x

    • Thank You for these beautiful words, i agree if you find a treasure you must treat it as such!!! Life is too short. Love and Light xo

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