4 Steps That CHANGE Your Life

We all want to change, grow and just become better souls, it’s part of our very nature that this is always happening, you’re changing right at this very moment. Metamorphosis for humans is not in the physical cense like a butterfly, but metamorphosis happens deep within us, in our subconscious, that’s the key, the secret, if you truly are looking to change and I mean change that you are controlling or manifesting rather, then this simple method of just 4 steps that change your life is going to unlock your subconscious, and enable you to metamorphosis into the radiant being of light which you already are, without fears or limitations.

To understand these 4 steps you need to know that life is an energy game. WE ARE ENERGY, nothing more nothing less. IT’S AN ENERGY GAME. What energy we give off, we get back 100%, it’s simple, be positive and positive things happen, be negative……. well it’s no use writing anything but positive words here… hahahahaha. Everything in the universe can be broken down into tiny particles called atoms, we all have heard of atoms, they hold immense power within them, split an atom, BOOM! We are made of them, therefore we are limitless beings, imagine splitting every atom in your body, it would be like the big bang!!! Ha there’s a thought. Inside those atoms is mostly SPACE, and 3 very tiny particles an electron, neutron and a proton, when we go further into these 3 particles the pattern repeats itself there is mostly space and even tinier particles called QUARKS. Guess what’s in a QUARK, yep that’s right space, we are space, and the only reason we exist in a physical form is “our atoms” are all held together by “our subconscious”, getting the picture or rather are you getting your picture, your subconscious is your energy, everything that is happening in your life is appearing because of your subconscious state.



Lets take this one step further before we launch into the 4 steps, everything has a subconscious state, even inanimate objects like plastic or a rock, that’s why we can see them in their physical form, yet a rock can’t control or change the universe, that’s why we all have the most beautiful gift imaginable, the gift TO CHANGE, to change our universe, or our iniverse, and in changing our iniverse we also change the universe, which is both in the physical and spiritual sense. ITS AN ENERGY GAME. FULL STOP!!!


Life will challenge you always, scenarios will keep recurring in your life if you don’t learn their lessons, this is because we are creatures of habit, and our subconscious patterning (neuropaths) predetermines how we react to the different circumstances we encounter in life. Our patterning is developed from what has happened in our lives, when you first learnt to drive did you have to learn to do it?? Of course you did you needed to develop new neuropaths within your brain so that eventually you can drive with out thinking, I laugh now when i’m driving and daydreaming then snap out of it and think to myself “where the F#@* am I???” u already manifested your destination, your autopilot controlled the action to get you there. It’s the same with walking, a neuropath was created within your brain that you access every time you walk, u access a certain part of your subconscious that controls this motion. A automatic reaction is happening every second of your life to the unique circumstances that are occurring, and its the same reaction every time to the same circumstances, the key to step one is knowing exactly how your autopilot is reacting to life and learning a new neuropath that teaches you to become aware of your reaction.

Do you choose a beer on special rather than the beer you really like? When your partner says or acts in a certain way your response is?? Can you ask your boss for a pay rise?? Any situation just watch how you react.


This is the cruncher and brings the real joy into your life. LOVE is a high vibration and when we act from love automatically we are being positive, as love is the most positive feeling we can feel. This sometimes can be a difficult answer to find, and the greater the problem we are facing or have faced from our life’s circumstances, the longer it will take to find the actual answer to the big question of “what would love do???” Through practise of these four steps I’m finding that the tough challenges it takes me about 3 hours or so before I get this answer, and 100% of the time WHAT LOVE WOULD DO IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT I WOULD DO (my automated reaction). Crazy to think that I have been sabotaging myself my whole life, not anymore, that’s going to change, I’m going to change. Interesting here sometimes I find that my reaction may have been close to “what love would do” but just not 100% spot on and other times I find that I don’t actually need to react but give the gift of love to myself, this helps me to understand my “paradigm” or just how I think about life and the world, both the good and the bad aspects of my character.


Pretty easy really step 2 you have pondered as to exactly what would love do if it faced the challenges of your life, so step 3 is DO WHAT LOVE WOULD DO. simple hey


This one makes me laugh, ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your “self.” It loves to make things difficult, and our egos get in the road of ourselves all the time.

Ego is sooooooo comfortable when we just repeat the patterning or press replay of our existing neuropaths in our subconscious minds. Ego likes to know what the outcome of lifes situations are, even though the outcome more often than not may not be the best result. EGO loves you to stay in your comfort zones.

When we decide to act on step 3 and do what love would do, and not what we would have done, ego starts to feel very intimidated and uncomfortable as you are going against your subconscious patterning and creating new neuropaths that ego doesn’t know how they will play out. Feelings of anxiousness, shyness, self worth all to make you stop acting out of love for ego wants you to play out life on autopilot, because that’s comfortable, these are the indicators that you have taken the first 3 steps and now on the path to making great changes in your life. Step 4 is the validation that you are doing the right thing, and of course you are doing the right thing for LOVE WOULD ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING.


DO IT!!!!

P.S Interesting that the more you use this better life becomes, so in step 4 watch how your ego is reacting and then go through the 4 steps again, its just one continuous cycle!!!!

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