Burning Man 2018 – Returning To The Dust

The anxiousness, the excitement, that knowing of just how delicious life can be with all your senses ssooooo over stimulated that you just want to explode – Burning man and my journey back to the dust felt like this, there is just no place like home. MEMORIES – they have been floating in and out of my consciousness for the past 2 years, so vivid and yet so fleeting, scenes incomprehensible if you have never stepped foot onto the playa – yet each day as the reality of Burning Man came closer to my physical existence my memories of something that was, became more vivid and clear – yes I was returning HOME.
FUCK YES this added to my excitement, expecting the complete unexpected and playing and or indulging in the best adult playground on our planet, bring on Burning Man 2018.

My crew this year were Kat, Jonno and Jeanne. 3 Complete legends all that I’d met in Australia and only in the last 6 months of life. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect combo actually we all were super tight got along like a house on fire and were all stocked to be camping with Camp FUCK YEAH!! Which of course became the motto for absolutely everything regarding burning man 2018. FUCK YEAH!!!!

For me this Burning Man experience was an initiation towards a future of creation. I was lucky enough to be invited to help build an art piece on the Playa. The Art Installation was called IN CASE WE MISS EACH OTHER. Ilia the genius behind the artworks idea decided to create a 30 meter wide UFO structure that kinda looks like a typical festival shade structure. This was the art work, the genius was underneath was going to be a telephone that would record your voice which then would get translated into binary code (We had a Astro Physicist who developed a program that can do this). We then had the biggest laser to ever hit Burning man it was 10 Million Watts (That’s Huge – a 10 watt laser will blind you), this laser will relay all the binary code translated from the telephone straight into outer space at 3 millionth of a second to a range of 100 light years away. HAHAHA soooo epic I love burning man, it really is a place full of wonder and the worlds most crazy ingenious people, and the inspiration of witnessing what people can achieve when they choose to follow their crazy dreams is totally overwhelming. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, I am definitely going to follow mine, creation time!!!

SSSSSSOOOOO many different highlights from Burning Man this year. Its funny at the end of the time there you just go wow I cant believe we are leaving tomorrow, time flys!! I wish I could write about all my highlights BUT “I still have no words”, It’s funny as the process and events all seem sooo surreal, here are some of the outstanding moments for me this year on the Playa.
The Wedding – What can I say here all weddings are amazing, one big celebration of love. SSSOOOOO MUCH YES!!!!! Caitlin and Mark you 2 beautiful souls, your love is truly inspirational, thank you for being the power couple you are and truly unique amazing individuals to boot. Your night was filled with the most amazing gathering of the most amazing people a true testament of you 2 and the light/frequency and vibration that you emanate and attract. Camp Anita and co, you all know who you are walking off the playa and home is always a highlight for me my love for you all is and always will be there, thank you!!!

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