Make Your Dreams Become Reality

Being right brained I’m very attuned with my creativity and often wondered just how I’ve managed to pull off the impossible and bring life to sometimes quiet fanciful dreams. The actual process of creating something is very inspirational and as a result is very fun and exciting. I often found myself being so absorbed in the processes that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and “fumble around” until I either have a miracle breakthrough and get back on track focused on my outcome or “run into a wall” and then everything becomes difficult to get my idea to the finish line. Now with a very different mindset and a knowing that it’s one of the most important parts to our lives to “CHASE YOUR DREAMS” I’ve learnt a few simple techniques that help me to stay focused and become a magician of the material world, manifesting those dreams, turning them into a reality.
Start with the end in mind manifesting

  1. Start With The End In Mind

This is crucial to manifesting exactly what you have in your mind. Visualize your outcome and the more detail you can give to that dream the easier it will come to you. Some simple yet effective methods to help start this process are to create a vision board, and write an overview of your dream, these 2 simple steps will give the clarity and colour to your dream and help your subconscious visualize what you are manifesting. Once you have a clearer picture of what your aiming for, ask yourself questions like, how you will feel once you have accomplished your dreams? How will your dreams change your life/lifestyle? What will people be saying about your accomplishments? Be creative with your questions. The richer the details of this simple step the easier it will be for you to stay focused and attract the resources needed to make your dreams come true.

Read ” The Magicians Way” by William Whitecloud in my opinion a must read for anyone wanting to become a master in creating their dreams, it explains this tip to a “TEE”.

  1. Believe In Yourself

WOW, sometimes the hardest step in our lives is just in taking the first step out of our comfort zones and doing something that we normally wouldn’t do. Fears appear then doubt kicks in and that ‘wall” becomes an impossible obstacle with no way around, stopping you from doing the impossible, it’s much easier to do what you have always done right?? The ironic thing is we have achieved the impossible so many times in our lives and we are limitless beings, we can do the impossible. Believe in yourself, you can and will achieve anything that you focus your intentions on, you have so much support in ways that you don’t even see, know that you are and always have been a success. When the fears kick in have FAITH that the “universe” has your back, it will guide you through those fears straight as an arrow to what your heart desires. TRY: looking at what small things you can do in the current moment to turning your thoughts into reality as motion or action will take your mind from your fears and create a doing mentality, which is the needed momentum to your dreams.

  1. Get Comfy with Feeling Uncomfortable

This one relates to that thing we call “EGO”. Our Egos love to be told positive affirmations like “you look good” “you’re smart” “your right” so naturally we will automatically stick to what we are good at, or what society has conditioned us to believe about ourselves. When we attempt to do something “different” to what our conditioning or environment has taught us, our egos feel threatened for we could end up under the scrutiny of our peers/friends/family and feel judged or god forbid be told “you’re stupid” “you’re wrong” or “I TOLD YOU SO”, get comfortable with this, yes it is nerve racking to attempt something new and a challenge to learn a new skill, but with some practise a little dedication, and perseverance you will find yourself comfortable in your new surroundings. Being uncomfortable is like a feeling that confirms you may be on the right track.

  1. Be Adaptable

Change can be one of the hardest challenges we face. When creating an idea we tend to put the blinkers on seeing our path as the only way it can be achieved, but often other people will have knowledge on how to do things more effectively or a different way to do things that may lead you to your desired result quicker. Letting go and allowing “The Universe” to give you guidance might mean for you to change the course of action, change the idea slightly, be flexible and alter your plans where necessary. Thinking on this we are constantly growing and changing our nature so why not allow your dream to adapt, grow and change as we are. Hint: Every so often go back to Hint 1 and recreate my vision boards, rewrite my business plan. Doing this you will notice your growth, values and just how you have changed in that time frame as you might view things differently or just realize that your goal has changed course a little, so this process will help you stay on track to exactly what your actually aiming for in the sub-conscious.

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is a major part of manifestation. A mentor of mine constantly says “Greatness come to those who do the small things consistently”. Nothing could be further from the truth, repetition over a period of time creates our habits, both on a conscious and subconscious level. It forms our energy patterns and becomes our in built auto pilot. Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit so do one task for your dreams consistently for 40 Days, and it will become second nature to you, and become a small stepping stone to achieving your dreams. If you can’t find a task to do repetitively, create a time in your day when you work on your dreams, or continuously do 1-3 small steps to learning or creating what your striving for. JUST KEEP GOING!!!!

I know deep down if you have read this far that there is a desire to accomplish the impossible and transform a thought you have into something tangible, something that can be touched, felt of expressed. You also know deep down that you can do it, with dedication, perseverance and an unwavering belief in your self everything is possible, you don’t just have a chance to succeed YOU WILL SUCCEED!!! The universe has your back, but hey like you need it’s help anyway right???

The Roamer