Modifyre 2019 – The Secret Garden. Australian Burning Man

Modifyre 2019 – Secret Garden

A Magical playground, loaded with grounding, spiritual connection, tooo many shenanigans, upgrades or downloads beyond measure and a big “loose Ends Crew” that threw down the best jam ever.
I Love Modifyre, I have been to 4 different burns now and for me Modifyre is the most spiritual of the 4. I feel activated and open in the space there, complex thoughts and processes I can dissect with ease, it feels like a rebirth when I leave, my third eye opens I AM AWAKE. It’s a conscious party and this year was no exception except that the bar has been raised, and I thank the wonderful “Loose Enders” for raising that bar.
I feel that the more you give, or contribute to life the more that life gifts back to you, the more effort you put in the greater the rewards, this tune sings true for this magical event as my effort and the effort of my squad was epic to say the least. The 2 main arenas where this effort was directed was towards a beautiful artwork Annirose and I created for “the Paddock” and the throw down of one of the best gatherings for “The Camp Of Loose Ends” ever, it was a take-over, we came in force.
Youtube Video time lapse secret garden. Youtube video Annirose secret garden
“The Greenhouse/ Terrarium”.

I had so much fun creating this, Annirose and I had this crazy idea that came from buying a “Bubble Tent’ to build a full size Terrarium, filled with all the things you would hope to find in a mythical garden. We applied for the Major Art Grant which was $750 and since we were the only applicant we were the people armed for the job of creating this magical wonderland. A week before we had not heard from the company that was meant to send us the “Bubble Tent” so this was the point when our art piece changed to “The Greenhouse”. All in all we loved every bit of creating, and the rewards was heading out onto the paddock and finding so many awesome peeps interacting and enjoying the space, it was very inspiring for us to witness that.

The Camp of Loose Ends”.

OMG! So much yes to this space and to all the magical souls that filled it with so much love, joy, abundance and fun, wow, just wow. CAMP was my favorite place at Modifyre, it was a crazy space with all those nooks and crannys, where there was something always being shared or some antics taking place, it was that great kinda chaos. JUST WOW!!!! All of you wonder-full loose enders, you make my heart soar and my spirit alive with happiness. I’m still in disbelief, we had a watermelon art car (THE BASS BUG), a HUG DELI, 2 HORSE FLOATS, CLUB SODA, MASSAGE PARLOR all jumbled together in a warm cozy cuddle puddle style space, it was so warm and inviting. FUCK YES!!!!

Here are some cool time lapses of the space.

Some of my favorite highlights in this space were
-I came back from an adventure and found camp deserted with 2 flags still there somehow, so I wrapped myself up in this 5 meter sparkle blanket and hid on the couch to wait paitiently for someone to come and steal the flags. Like clockwork within 2 miniutes someone bowled through camp and must have thought wow 2 flags easy pickings and went to swipe them, I yelled out “busted, put em back” ha he got so much of a fright as he had no idea I was hiding there. Soooo gold.
-Breaking the record for how many people partying in club soda, it is now officially 22.
-Being “hugry” and ordering a “Squeaky Squeely” hug with a side order of a spank and butterfly kiss. One of the best hugs ever.
– Being awarded with a “Sihk-Lord Award” trophy , what an honour, I cant wait to pass the ashes on.

– seeing the space come alive for “the German Sparkle Party”, wow there was so much color and magic happening.
-that one awesome cuddle puddle , that morphed into a cuddle stack, then a cuddle sprawl, ahhh that was lush.
-5 loose enders licking whipped cream and paprika off a member of the black markets toes to capture Camp Paprikas flag.
– watching everyone take over the space and create their own magic, yes I was watching you all. (stalker!!!)
– Guard duty – I got to find out all the sneaky people in the midst of Modifyre – the worst were those kids they were terrors. Lol
-Ha tying up all the loose enders and singing “Bohemien Rapshydy” on the way out to the temple burn. Bahahahaha – “This is a silent burn” lol – seriously!!!!
The rest of Modifyre….ahhhhh yes. There are so many giving amazing burners that come to this space, I love the Latino Take-over at the Sunset Ducks, such an epic space. Bazaar you guys kicked arse, your space was amazing. Eclectic chill, you are the best neighbours ever, I feel like I’m camping when I join you at your fire., lord amoungst lords!!!
Thank you for the sweat lodge Danny, I cant believe just how much dirt I scrapped off my body. Maddi – your vuneralbility at the temple was beautiful – my heart goes out to you. Annirose – POP!!!! A Supernova was born. Rainbow Anj – so much yes to my tyedye jacket. The crew in the circle – BEN – still in disbelief – gratitude +. The singing bowls – next level third eye downloads. Epic. The D-floor of Wonky Crop Express and the shenanigans there, ha such a hoot. There was so much epicness.
If you are ever in the area for this amazing event, don’t miss it, your time there will be revolutionary in its nature and you will come out the other side wishing that it would go on forever.


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