Scottish Shortcuts on a Random Roadtrip Part 2

There is another side to Scotland, a difference to the great pubs, medieval castles and ancient Celtic culture, the other side is what bought me to this tiny country on the other side of the world,


I mentioned in the Previous article Scottish Shortcuts on a Random Road-trip Part 1 that Scotland has a nation of proud people that thrive on the great outdoors. Travelling through the Mountains, beside the numerous Lochs and through enchanted forests soothes your soul and gives you a massive connection to our planet, its like the myths of the Celts are everywhere, unicorns exist here i’m sure of it.

It’s a wild land, full of surprises and more natural beauty than you can poke a stick at. Scotland evokes images of rolling green mountains and they are everywhere. 282 of these mountains fall under the Munro list, which is a mountain that has a height of over 3000 ft, i love the challenge of climbing a mountain there is something so beautiful and serene basking in the energy of accomplishment standing on the summit of a mountain top, i had to summit one of these Munro’s. Sgurr Nan Gillean 3,163 ft (964 m) in the south of the Isle of Skye within the Cullin Range was my target, and i’d set myself the challenge to climb this mountain well before i even knew what a Munro was  or had arrived in Scotland.

Only 281 Munro’s To Go

Beaches In Scotland???

OMG THE BEACHES IN SCOTLAND ARE SOME OF THE BEST I HAVE SEEN EVER!!!! My Journey lead me to The Outer Hebrides, a chain of islands off the west coast of Scotland. This place in the world is amazing, its remoteness accompanied by its barrenness has a very mystic feel that truly is captivating. I’ve always wanted to come here to see in my opinion one of the 8th Wonders of the world, The Standing Stones of Callandish.

Got a little off track, the beaches…..WOW perfectly white sand, almost like flower, then framed by rolling green headlands covered in flowers and a deep blue shade to the ocean, it was jaw dropping beautiful. Luskentyre on the Isle of Lewis was the first one i saw, i nearly crashed my car… it was so special i forgot to take a photo…lol. Huisinus which was also on The Isle of Lewis was amazeballs, pure white sand beach, the sun was out and the water looked so inviting, this was my 5th attempt to go swimming, again i got into my boardies ran down to the waters edge, at ankle deep my feet went numb, so i turned around with my tail between my legs, NO SWIMMING FOR ME, im not a fan of cold water!!!


I was lucky on this particular trip, as not only did i meet a hell of a lot of awesome people on my wanderings but i had the chance to catch up with some of my favorite people on the planet. Sammy, Haley and Zara Good friends of mine from what seems like years ago, when i was lucky enough to have lived on Hamilton Island, a beautiful place nestled in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef  in Australia, were decking out a van they had bought in the UK to go on a crazy adventure through Europe. With only a little persuasion i got them to meet me on the Isle of Skye in Portree, where the countless laughs begun.

The first encounter was at the Isle Inn, Scottish Shortcuts on a Random Road-trip Part 1, looking back that was a super fun night. The Next day we climbed the Old Man of Storr, Its a fairly easy climb to the summit, so good for a hangover, but the views are stunning. We found the best hot chocolates ever, somewhere in the north of the Isle of Skye, just look for a cool architectural designed house/cafe with grass on the roof, 100% worth the stop.

The next day we set off to see the South of the Island, Fairy pools was the destination, in fact this place was the reason i came to Scotland. There are no words to describe this place, it looks kinda ordinary when you arrive but walking through the pools, its really a natural gem. I encountered a whole bunch of Czech girls here whom i invited to come camp with us that night, for my mission (the Gang Included) was to have a fire, i wanted to have a fire in Scotland, thank you Eliška and Co!!! This is a no easy feat, everything is damp constantly…. but we succeeded!! 🙂

Jess, what can i say about this awesome person!!! Its funny looking back and 8 countries so far we have traveled together in only 4 short months, this is someone that has sooooooo much fun bundled inside, truly an inspiration.

Jess flew up and we met in Glasgow and then zig-zagged through the Highlands everywhere, was epic having a partner to sit and drink pints of beer with in old traditional pubs, explore castles and just have some good old shits and giggles with.

All in all its one truly amazing Country, Scotland will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting to come back for more…

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