Gift Ideas For Burning Man

Burning Man Gifting Ideas

So many people always ask me what should i gift at a Burning Man event? I always say, anything you want, anything you can fathom beyond your wildest dreams, anything you can do, or create or co-create. I always say the weirder the better. It can be something physical like a trinket or doesn’t necessarily have to be, like a performance or an idea. It can be something as small as a sticker that says i love you, a necklace that you made, a foot massage on a dance floor, cooking a meal for a group of strangers, telling a jokes in front of an audience, a meaningful letter to someone you’ve only just met and so on. It can also be something big like an artwork everyone can enjoy, interact with or admire, a musical performance solo or in a band, maybe you make your favorite cocktail for an event, or you bring a trampoline so everyone can bounce the night away or a half pipe so people can shred. It can be even bigger like bringing a whole theme camp or get involved in one or even a ginormous fire breathing dragon made of metal that cruises about the burn with cranking tunes taking people from party to party. You can do something more niche like treat an individual with consent to a bondage session and tie them up in front of the effigy, or get even more creative and shave your head, cover your self head to toe in gold paint, hold award ceremonies, pretend your at the Emmies and gift yourself to the best actress or actor. Just let your mind run wild, it is so fun. The burn is your oyster and a gift can be anything.

Still unsure? well… Think of something you love to do, something you love to create, something you would love to be apart of, a style of music you would love to hear, something you would love to see or share… then do that, create that, make that happen! Personally I’m a creative, and i love intimacy with others and meeting new people. I love bringing my face paint to a burn choosing anyone from the crowd and gifting them my art, i can spend some time with them, get to know that person and watch their face light up when they see my creation, the best part is the amount of compliments they get afterwards and the potentiality of them meeting someone else because of that compliment and so the gift continues. Another brilliant gift idea of mine is gifting patches. I make people take off an item of clothing and sew onto that piece of clothing their new patch, gifting them some bling to their outfit and also gifting the people around us the peep show, its cheeky i know but you got to have fun with it. To be even cheekier if the person is sexy and they only have a single item of clothing on they will be picked on for sure.

My partner and I gift and bring a theme camp to our regional burns and festivals called ‘The Camp Of The Loose Ends’. Bringing a theme camp or being apart of a theme camp is an amazing opportunity to create community and bring a space to the burn that others can enjoy. Within that space you can hold workshops, cook together, play together, party together and you have a common goal of creating a world and a space you want to be in. Now being a first time burner bringing a whole theme camp or art work or a fire breathing dragon might seem a little out of reach. If you think you can go for it! it can be as big or as little as you want, just contact the burn and register your artwork, art car or theme camp. If your happy keeping in humble here is some ideas that might help you with your decision of what to gift for your first burn. Just remember the weirder the better, anything you do is perfect and when you’ve attended your first burn you will be so inspired by the amazingness around you, you will be bursting with ideas of what you want to gift for your next Burning Man event.