Modifyre 2018 – A magical connection and a needed awakening.

Modifyre 2018 – A magical connection and a needed awakening.

Modifyre is a small intimate Regional Burning Man event on the east coast of Australia inland from South East Queensland Northern NSW. For a Burn and a place of radical self expression it has huge potential as it is in its true infancy so its growth can be taken anywhere to any heights, curbed only by the limitations one sets for oneself.

The space is lush green pastures with pockets of trees dotted randomly out towards the horizon, it sets a very beautiful stage as the area has deep roots imbedded in the local indigenous tribe of the Bigambul Nation . A representative from the tribe welcomes you to the land instantly grounding each soul there and connecting them to Gaia, for me this is why I love Australia and our beautiful festivals there is a very strong connection to land present, and a respect for ancient tribal customs and also respect to all of our ancestors. It is seriously very beautiful energy.


As I mentioned Modifyre was very intimate, with only a couple of hundred people present over the week there, it was very easy to build relationships and explore your own mirror and discover so many usually hidden secrets of self. My crew where the legends themselves Baz and Ange 2 of the best saffas out there and my absolute favourite Modifyre peeps, also with us was Daz a legend in his own right and also for me the person that shone the most light in my mirror as his path is so very similar to mine. We were definitely an awesome foursome and continuously had a great vibe illuminating from “Eclectic Chill” the name of the space we all contributed energetically into creation. I loved our space so much the people who came and shared our space we cherish you so, and there were so many of you, ha all our adopted family. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! seriously YOU HUMANS made our space epic, full of beauty, fun laughter and just down right awesomness.

Other amazing moments for me was The salsa night at Sunset Ducks, the vibe was awesome it was the centre of the universe for the time I was there, that tequila shot with the popping candy was nuts, such a mouth orgasm. If I could have smiled any more I would have split my face in 2. Eshua watching you with your amazing family was such an inspiration, in fact my greatest gift came from you, I realize even though my life is perfect and im in love with it, what you share with your blood is the one thing I don’t have yet in my life… such an inspiration – im proud to say that I would love to be a father one day, and a good one at that, ha better find the perfect partner first, hmmmmm I can’t wait till your finally walking your path beside me..hahaha. Chilly the vampire game you created was amazing so interactive even though I never got the memos with all the new rules, It was continuous fun. LOL yelling abuse inside the insult zone, just pure genius (its all the good shits and giggles)   CLUB SODA, wow wow wow, fark yeah that was epic will build on that for sure soooo epically epic, love the exclusiveness love the vibe just so much love in that space. Yyyeeeaaassss!!!!!!! The burns where both beautiful, particularly the temple, that was soooo moving!!! Giggle yoga was a hoot – ha what about stretchers for my middle leg – ahhhhh just gold, some quiet moments at the element shrines , that cute intimidation I felt around you ha I love that feeling, that potato and leek soup soooo yummmmmmmyyyyy, my horny juice –well what can I say here it’s always the bomb, yelling compliments in the compliment zone and then Goldy came walking out of the crowd, ha sooo cool that a bee was chasing you around I’m sure it thought you were a flower, every awesome connection or conversation –you really are the cream of the crop – wow sooo many more little awesome memories – PURE GOLD!!!!

The whole experience was of growth and inward discovery, my path has definitely turned in a new direction in the past weeks since modifyre has come to an end. I feel more in tune with nature, have a deeper understanding of self and a ferocious desire to live my life to the fullest. My 3rd eye is opened and a new life is now born. HECTIC J SSSSOOOO UNBELIEVABLY GRATEFUL!!!

Thank you so Much Modifyre 2018, so much gratitude love and light – keep rocking until next year and I wish we all come back to that space stronger, healthier, more magnificent, power fuller and most importantly shining like a fucken SUPERNOVA!!! BRING ON 2019

Photo Credits go out To SPYGEL!!! Be sure to check out his Facebook page for more great Pics from Modifyre 2018 and other amazing festivals and events.

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