The Camp Of Loose Ends

“Friends Are Just the Family We Get to Choose”

The Camp Of Loose Ends is a place for all feel welcomed. The Loose Ends are all beautiful, talented and very inspiratonal, their collective energy is why The Camp of Loose Ends has such an inviting inclusive feeling.

It is a very cozy and comfortable as the space is all carpeted with cushions, bean bags and soft furnishings to lounge on around a central multi level table/altar. This altar plays a huge role in bringing The Loose Ends together and creating that welcoming feeling. It invites everyone to sit in sacred circle, how it would have been with our tribal ancestors and the traditional caretakers of our land, a tradition that The Loose Ends loves to bring into the space. This forms the community and family of Loose Ends. Another factor that contributes to this family feel is that there are no camp chairs allowed in camp (This is the only rule), this happens subconsciously due to every person sitting in circle at the same level (on the ground), it breeds equality. High energy music is played constantly in the space which is such a unique contrast to the cozy atmosphere of furnishings as it keeps everyone on point and active leading to beautiful connections in an explorative manner.

Some of the main aspects in camp are CLUB SODA, a lock in nightclub that never gets old (the record is 23 people all partying inside)…. let’s see if we can break it!!!, a cozy cuddle puddle corner called The Lounge, a full costume tent, legendary spiritual beings and a whole lot of good fun. The Camp Of Loose Ends also collaborates with some amazing other theme camps world wide , some contribute to the space others co create the space with us. Our sister camp Eclectic Chill from Brisbane , Queensland as the name suggests has an amazing chill vibe and like The Loose Ends a sacred circle feel, with their altar being an epic cast iron world globe fire pit. Our Brother Camp – Love Camp another party orientated space also from Brisbane, Queensland, is an epic fun vibe with DJs great crew and so much fun, the joint Ventures our camps pull off are legendary especially at Modifyre otherwise we have a whimsical rivalry when we each set up our own spaces with the funest game to steal each other Buddhas from camps altars and replace it with some random item, the list goes on. In West Oz Treetops a mad max inspired outdoor sound camp hosts the Loose Ends and we throw down an amazing time, it truly is a spectacle. Froot Society are tightly woven into The Loose Ends and bring their art car into the fold, The Base Bug – an epic lady beetle/watermelon shaped art car which pumps out some serious tunes, we love this dynamic crew.

The camp of loose ends has incorporated the 12 principles of BURNING MAN into it’s ethos and aims to highlight and showcase the beautiful revolutionary culture of what BURNING MAN is about. For more information regarding the principles that create the Burning Man Culture check out this article – BURNING MAN PRINCIPLES

The main principles The Camp Of Loose Ends are leading at is that of “Radical Inclusion” and also “Self Expression”, this also is another factor as to why the space is so welcoming.

The Camp of Loose Ends was born at Rainbow Serpent in 2013, but it calls Modifyre, Queenslands regional Burning Man event it’s official home. It has travelled all over Australia to many different Burning Man events and festivals and appeared internationally at Oregon Eclipse.


Here is some great footage from an event The Camp Of Loose Ends put on at Modifyre 2019 “German Sparkle Party ”

German Sparkle Party - Modifyre 2019

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